Essay about Food: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Modern Fantasy

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From my textbook, I’ve learned that modern fantasy is about made up characters and places that they inhabit. Modern fantasy lets you go deep inside the reality that the author creates around its characters. In this genre there are things that can’t be done in the real world but the characters can do it. For example, animals can talk, evil spell exists, magic, witch and etc. In this kind of genre there are six types fantasy motifs that a story contains that classified these literature: “magic”, “ Other Worlds (secondary worlds)”, “ Good versus evil”, “ Heroism”, “ Special character types”, and “Fantastic objects.” Some of the motifs fantasy books that is related is Cinderella (magic), Wizard of Oz (Other World), Harry Potter books (Good versus evil), and Hercules (Heroism). In modern fantasy, the author writes it and the characters will grow and change. In the setting had lots of details and you can relate in real life. In traditional fantasy it is from an oral tradition of different stories collected together. In the setting is often magical and the characters are symbolic. The character will not grow or change.
The modern fantasy genre also borrows from other genres such as science fiction. Science fiction it tells stories about new-age inventions that been made from people and advanced societies. Usually in science fiction, the societies that people live in are very development and advanced in technology. Also there are another name for science fiction that is called futuristic fiction. In science fiction the characters live in a made up place. where people live in fearful lives. They both play a role with mixed with magic. For example in the story Cinderella, “the godmother simply has the power to turn the pumpkin into a coach. If it were science fiction, she would zap the pumpkin with a molecular rearranger.” In science fiction the setting and the plot have to make sense and be recognizable. It has to a sequence that relates to the story. According to the website Wikipedia, “most science fiction relies on a considerable degree of suspension of disbelief, which is facilitated in the reader's mind by potential scientific explanations or solutions to various fictional elements.” The difference is that modern fantasy the plot, and problem is all been created. The plot is a made up world that you wouldn’t find. In the setting, the time take place today, but been arrange in realistic way. The problem that the characters faces by using the power that doesn’t exist such as spells, magic, wands and etc. The characters in modern fantasy acted in a fantasy type of way and science fiction characters act in a scientific way.
Modern fantasy often uses many types of literal devices to help the reader become more involved into the story. In “The Truth in Fantasy”, it tells what really happens in real life, but in a fantasy story type. This let the person picture the condition and feeling such as “deepest emotions, dreams, hopes, and fears, fantasy casts light on the reality.” While communicating fort he language for fantasy, the most common form of figurative language is using metaphor. By using metaphors, it supports and increases credibility of the fantasy world. The three types of metaphor are “ speeds understanding”, “ added emotional appeal”, and “ creates interest.”
I choose to study the genre modern fantasy because I like this genre and many other people may like this genre too. I pick this genre because everyone can imagine any things that don’t exist in the real world. They can be interest in and they can create a made up story for themselves. Also children can learn and see what happen in the modern times and what they do, such as kings, Queens, Prince, Princess, guards, etc. Sometimes, if we didn’t have any stories made up, life will be bore from looking at real stories every time. It is fun to discover and explore a new world and new things, so that you can expand your imagination.
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