Food: To Kill a Mockingbird and Jessica Griffin Atticus Essay

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Jessica Griffin Atticus Affect on the Town of Maycomb

In the town of Maycomb you never know who a person really is or what they will do until u get to know them. One person that is feared in the town is Boo Radley he is known to not like people and will kill whoever is in his way; but a girl named scout who is the son of Atticus trys to find out more about him. Her father Atticus who is also a lawyer handling a case defending a negro trys to teach her that it is wrong to judge people without knowing there point of view. Atticus attempts to break the social barriers of Maycomb by teaching the lesson of acceptance. Atticus is much known in the town he tries to tell scout and her friends not to be mean to Boo Radley because it’s not right. Atticus says “you never know a person until you consider things from there point of view”. He tries to tell his daughter not to judge somebody until u are put in there shoes. Atticus feels that if he learns one simple trick he would get along better with people of the town. Attics want his daughter to understand that people are sometimes never what u expects them to be. Atticus also breaks the barriers of discrimination against blacks in maycomb. In this case a black man tom Robison was accused of beating a young girl because of his race even though he was innocent. People of the town didn’t like the fact that Atticus was his lawyer they said “Atticus seems to defend tom Robinson which I don’t like”. Attics had to stand up for what he believed in for his daughter. But Atticus knows that he is not going to win the case but he believes in you already lost u should still try. Although Atticus witness tom Robison was innocent he