Food Waste Essay

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YangYang Xu
Ms. DiPaolo
March 2 2015
The Youth Versus The Food Crisis

Today's youth can work towards a solution for the food crisis, by doing little things around the house, volunteer at a food shelter or food bank, and reduce, reuse, recycle. This issue requires serious action and these are some ways the youth can work towards it to make an impact.

Doing just little things outside and around the house is proven very helpful when it comes to reducing waste and there're so many things that can be done! For example use the freezer for leftovers to make dinner for next time. As well, instead of picking out nice and shiny fruit, buy the ugly ones, imperfections have no impact on nutrition taste so if these fruits are bought they are not going to end up being thrown out by the grocery store. Another easy way in the house is to rotate the items in the fridge, when unpacking after going grocery shopping, move fridge food to the front shelves and place the newest purchases behind it. It is most likely to use things up in order they are purchased so food stays in the fridge for less time and there won't be back produce days or weeks later. Another effective way for you to reduce waste around the house is simply by composting. This is extremely helpful for the environment because it is eco-friendly, composting is a process of turning organic matter that is ready to be turn away into something beneficial. Basically organic materials like vegetable matter, eggshells, teabags, etc, is placed in a container to pile or decompose instead of being thrown out. Over time these materials turn into a rich soil that is full of my vitamins and can be used to grow plants. All of these things are very easily doable for youth and will make a difference in everyday life.

Getting out of the house and reducing food waste can be difficult, but if all of the youth volunteered at a food bank, it would be tremendously impacting. Doing this is other benefits as well, for example helping out counts for volunteer hours on top of doing a good deed, it can be beneficial towards school. Furthermore donating to food banks especially food that will not be eaten it is still very precious to those who really need it. This not only helps the others, but also helps reduce waste from foods that are not being consumed by a household. This is probably one of the most effective ways to help out because food banks feed over 700,000 people and with even more help this number will increase. Think about it, if food from the house isn't being consumed instead of throwing it away, donate it!

Finally, knowing how to reduce, reuse, and recycle is another