Food Web Chaparral rewrite 2011 Essay

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Chaparral Ecosystem: Food Chains, Webs, and Energy

Use the following images from a Chaparral ecosystem to create a food chain, food web and energy pyramid.

1. Identify organisms and their trophic level
2. Show energy flow in a food chain
3. Show a food web and illustrate the direction of energy flow.
4. Describe how pollutants can be transferred within a food web.
5. Predict what might happen if certain organisms are removed from the food web.

1. Cut out the pictures and sort them according to energy level.
2. Color the pictures: Energy sources= Yellow, Producers= Green, Herbivores= Blue, 1st order carnivores= Orange, 2nd order carnivores= Red, Scavengers= Purple, Decomposers= Brown. NOTE: you do not have to stick with this schemeā€¦just be sure you identify what color scheme you choose.

3. Create a food chain and show the direction of energy flow. ____ (teacher initials)

a. Write the food chain here:

4. Create an energy pyramid using the organisms and label the different trophic levels ____(teacher initials). Draw the pyramid and list the organisms at each level.

5. Create a rough draft food web and sketch in your arrows. Get approval before pasting them down. ______(teacher initials).

6. Once your teacher has approved paste your organisms on a piece of construction paper and draw in the arrows showing energy flow. Read the bottom of each of your organisms to help you. You must have at least 2 arrows from each organism.

Answer the questions below regarding your food chains and food web:

1. On your food web draw a dashed line in between the producers, 1st consumer, 2nd consumer and tertiary consumer. _____________(teacher initials)

2. What do the arrows represent? How much energy is transferred?