Food and Beverage Control Systems Essay

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Food and beverage control systems
Food and beverage control systems can help you introduce the same financial rigour to your dining establishment or catering company that you’ll find in manufacturing operations.
What is a food and beverage control system?
A food and beverage control system is a means of computerizing best practice within a restaurant or catering operation. It gives managers a better idea of the flow of food through the restaurant, enabling them to plan cash flow and stock control more effectively. At the sharp end, it provides chefs with a more structured way of planning menus, taking into account nutritional and financial considerations.
Importance of food and beverage control system
In areas like manufacturing,
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• Reporting
Reporting is a key asset in any food control system software. In addition to providing preconfigured reports, the best systems will let you customize reports to suit your own particular requirements. Reporting can be used to analyze a vendor's history, or to find out how volatile an ingredient’s price has been over the past few months. Other good uses for reporting modules include finding your best-performance, highest margin menu items, and using "what if" analyses to assess the impact of a cost change to a particular menu item.

Intelligent reporting can help you to forecast your requirements, which can be useful for seasonal items, for example, or for ingredients with volatile pricing. Baselining your usage of butter over the course of a year might show that you use more butter in a certain season -- this can be a useful piece of market intelligence if you see that butter prices have been steadily increasing for the past few weeks.
Technology in food and beverage control system
Does it need to connect with anything else?
If your food and beverage control system can connect with your point of sale (POS) system, then you can automate the updating of inventory as menu items are sold. You will find a variety of different interfaces in food and beverage control software products to connect with POS systems including Micros, Squirrel and Aloha.
If your software can also export