Food and Beverage Essay

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What does the term ‘right of admission’ mean ? (6)
It means that a Proprietor allows the customers of his hotel and he reserves the right admission with him . Entry of customers subject to rights of hotel owners. It also means that the store owner or management are allowed to deny entry to potential customers without giving just cause . The decision as to who is allowed in or out is usually up to the store owners discretion , which can be in good judgement or not . The right of admission notice also allows the shop security to search your bag or your person at their own discretion. For proper justifications , the owner may restrict the Right
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Cost/sales*100=cost of sales
1 /4 25
= 25% cost of sales

(b) What is the gross profit percentage ? (2)
100%-% of cost of sales
= 75%
What is the difference between a cocktail and a shooter ? (5) (i) Cocktail : An alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients , such as fruit juices , lemonade , or cream (ii) A shooter: a shooter is usually a mixed drink that amounts about 2 to 3 tots in a shot glass. They are generally drunk quickly , rather than being sipped .

Why do cocktails have the potential to improve the gross profits of the bar ? (4)
Cocktails have a potential to improve the gross profits in a bar because they are pricey than any other liquor . Its easy to generate sales from the customer that you already have . This is were a good cocktail list can be a greatest asset . If someone comes in and orders a Campari and soda , and you can up-sell them to an Americano , everybody wins . Its also easy to create new and unique cocktails with a little something extra to entice the customers, which can easily sell. With cocktails its easy to cut costs to increase profit without increasing sales volume.

Why would you want to garnish a cocktail ? (3)
Garnishing a cocktail will