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Foods I
Chapter 16 Meal Planning
1. Why is meal planning so important? Because lives are so busy
2. What factors determine how much money a family spends on food? The number of family members, age of family members, time and skill available, how often the family eats out, the amount of food wasted
3. Develop a series of numbered steps that show how to set up a food budget.
1. know what is currently spent on food
2. find the percentage
3. multiply that figure by 100
4. devide the amount spent on food eating out by the total food purchased
5. multiply by 100
6. make a decision
4. If a family needs to reduce the amount spent on food, what might the family do? Prepare simple meals at home more often, choosing economical main dishes, looking for store advertisements, reduce food waste
5. What are commodities? Surplus food purchased from farmers and distributed to those in need of food assistance
6. Compare the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. The national school lunch program provides free or reduced lunch for kids in need but the school breakfast program provides it for everyone
7. Describe the Women, Infants, and Children Program. It helps mothers and children eat
8. What federal program serves meals to aging citizens? ENP
9. How can families make the most of their resources for planning and preparing meals? Know their available foods, pool their time and energy, take advantage of each familys cooking skills, know what equipment is at hand
10. What is the difference between scratch cooking and speed-scratch cooking? Scratch cooking is preparing a dish from basic ingredients, speed scratch cooking uses a few convince foods
11. What are some of