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Careers in Sports: Trainer

There are various careers in sports, many of which are just as rewarding if not more so than actually playing professionally. A very viable option would be a trainer. Micah Lancaster is a former professional basketball player, and current athletic skills trainer specializing in basketball skill development. He is now one of the worlds’ most respected and recognized skills trainers. Although he has been a help to many professional and aspiring athletes his story started when people once told him his dreams were impossible.

School basketball career started as a 4’11” freshman. Micah played junior varsity as a freshman and as a 5'2" sophomore moved to varsity for one game then was moved back down. He tore the cartilage in his left knee on 1st play of 1st varsity game, which caused difficulties through the remainder of the season. After his junior year he was cut from 2 AAU teams, and a third team would not let him try out. As a 5’5 all-state senior, he led his team to state class B Michigan semi-finals while averaging 30 points per game in the state tourney. In one state tournament game he scored 45 points against East Grand Rapids which included game winning shot at buzzer.

After accepting scholarship to Spring Field Arbor University, declining several Division I walk-on invitations, Micah became a NAIA Division II All-American for three years. He scored 2398, second all-time and achieved 751 assists, first all-time leader for the university. He holds the Spring Arbor record for the most free throws attempted and made them two-time Christian college champions. Micah was selected all-conference in his freshmen season and was named as WHAC conference