Foolish Faith Essay

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Foolish Faith
Life without hope in a dull frustrating world congeals the stuff of human existence…. Almost. To some, burn-lived-died is more than the plot of too many bad novelties, it dooms them, chaining their lives to a Maslowian fate. Others drown the raw truth in unrelenting labor, raucous revelry, sunlit spring breezes, cigarettes at noontime, or the bottle. Yet some find hope in this droll frustrating world, but they will not agree and cannot be sure of that hope. Or can they?
Once I could not hope; I still can’t. That’s why I leaped for joy when it found me instead. Somehow, by the grace of God, I find myself with the only, single true hope, a non-sensual faith, a belief I cannot prove with mortal things, a book that turns a hopeless, droll, frustrating world into a beautiful, hopeful, droll, frustrating world where smallest intricacies and biggest setbacks bring joy alike.
Did I say my faith makes no sense? I was right. No sane person in his wrong mind agrees to a divine creator, revealer, savior, lord, and friend. Unfortunately, human depravity ensures sane human wrong mindedness.
Once one obtains this hope, the difficulty of Christianity shifts from the foolishness of delivering myths, to the stupidity of doing what they say. This is my challenge; for God has revealed his will plainly and has promised to help his adopted children understand his word, the bible. Once a person agrees to accept the entire bible, the test of faith (or mere hope) comes. A mere hoper won’t bother (or dare) to keep exactly what God says; a person with true faith will not only try but succeed when he does.
Because I have faith in Christ, have escaped the corruption that is in the world, am a partaker of the divine nature, and have received many great and precious promises from God himself, my goal in life is to be diligent in my service of righteousness to God. The society we