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Full forward

This player plays close to the scoring posts and tries to kick goals for the team.

Centre half-forward

This player is usually very good at marking the ball and kicking goals from a long distance. They are responsible for getting the ball and scoring goals. This is often considered to be the most difficult position to play.

Forward pocket

These players are often known as “goal sneaks” because they score goals when no-one expects it. This player usually has good agility and the ability to score difficult goals.


The player is responsible for moving the ball into the forward area along the sides of the ground. They can pass the ball to another player, or have a shot for goal themselves.



This player is usually tall and athletic. His job is to win the hit-outs by tapping the ball to a team mate after the umpire has bounced it during the game. Centre

The centre player is usually very quick and is responsible for getting the ball to team mates who are running past.


This player is responsible for being in the right position to get the ball when it is tapped by the ruckman. They are also known as followers as they follow the ball all over the ground.

The smallest player on the field responsible for taking the ball from the ruckman or ruck-rover at stoppages. They are also known as followers as they follow the ball all over the ground.

These fast-running players move the ball into