Football Concussions Essay

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After reading, analyzing and giving much thought to the newspaper article entitled “Dangerous Game” by journalist George Will, It was brought to light some of the serious issues that are beginning to cause worry in the football world. Will clarifies in the article that this issue is the punishment that the brain takes while getting hit playing the violent game of football; also known as concussions. He explains that the toll the players take while playing is causing them to retire and suffer from a disease called CTE. (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) This disease is believed to be the cause of death of three former NFL players that were familiar with frequent concussions. With the NFL is going through many lawsuits and with rule changes being inflected by all levels of football to make the game safer, Will raises the question - can football be saved? After reading, I uncovered facts that I wasn’t at all very familiar with, although I am a big fan of game. I came up with a few ideas that can possibly make football safer in a sense. 1. Players must do doing a better job reporting injuries. Players must become more vigilant and dutiful about reporting head injuries and taking enough time to recover from them; further impacts can kill injured brain cells that would have otherwise recovered. Proper diagnosis and management is the key to recovery. 2. Developing better equipment. It’s obvious that equipment has changed over the years but with the players becoming bigger, stronger, and faster the NFL has to take precaution to protect their players by researching how to develop safer gear. 3. Have the players attend mandatory classes to educate themselves on the risk of concussions. 4. Fans must stop glorying unnecessary violence,