Football Concussions Research Paper

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Warrior Side Effect

Football is one of the most beloved sports in the United States. It is one of the most violent bone crushing sports, leaving players permanently injured for life in some cases. The most common injury that football players suffer from pee-wee through the NFL is the concussion. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that changes the way your brain works. The effects of a concussion are usually temporary and can result in a full recovery if its minor and treated correctly. A concussion can lead to brain problems later in life, even after a player has finished playing football. This is why people are studying and trying to understand concussions fully in order to prevent and treat future ones. Concussions are very
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Coaches should also strive for a trustful bond between the coach and the athlete. This is crucial because players do want to play and they will do anything to stay on the field. Players don’t want to be taken off the field for any reason whether its due to injury or simply making a mistake. The fear of being removed and not getting another chance of playing because of being labeled as "soft" encourages players to fight through injuries and continue playing at any risk. This is why the player and coach relationship is extremely important. If a player and coach have a good relationship and the player knows he wont be losing his starting position and looked at as "soft" after returning back from injury, the player wouldn’t be worried about telling the coach if he or she thinks they sustained an injury. Family members should also look for signs of concussions at home because symptoms may not show till weeks later (Hand 1). If symptoms become apparent you should stop playing because further brain damage or death can occur. Suffering from concussions causes brain damage and receiving multiple ones can lead to serious problems in the future. Concussions don’t only cause short term brain alterations but if a player suffers from multiple concussions they may find themselves with brain and mental problems later in life. Many former NFL