Football: Fruit and Strawberries Essay

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Strawberries are one of the many magnificent fruits of the world. Strawberries are produced world-wide and can be prepared to make a delicious between-meal snack. Strawberries also have medicinal uses to support our well-being.

First, Red, juicy, and narrow shaped, the strawberry has grown rapidly for years and years. Strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside. The strawberry got its name from the Anglo-Saxon word streawbierge. Strawberries have always been nutritious throughout history. Thanks to its history strawberries can be found worldwide. (Scripps Network, 2013)

Strawberries are produced all over the world except Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Native forms of strawberries adapt to various climates once again except in Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. (University of Illinois of the Board of Trustees, 2013) When picking strawberries, the best to pick are fragrant berries that are red from the tops to the tips, because they don’t continue to ripen after harvest. After being produced strawberries can be prepared and stored in multiple ways.

After buying strawberries, you usually want to store them in the fridge. Don’t rinse or displace green tops until ready to use when preparing strawberries most recipes take about 50 minutes. (Stradley, 2004) For most recipes or preparation of strawberries, strawberries should be chopped into even pieces and place into a bowl. But, if not eaten soon strawberries will over-ripen within a month and start whitening. Not only can you use strawberries for multiple recipes but strawberries can also be used for medicinal and medical uses. Strawberries can be used in multiple various ways for medicinal and medical uses. The stem of the strawberry is astounding for rubbing into wounds to draw out bacteria and keep infection away.