Football Is A Sucker's Game Summary

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The Moral Money Maker

Many factors that determine one’s morality have evolved to construct a faulty premise in our society. Year after year, our society turns being an action oriented society to profit oriented. Money and Capitalism has moved to the center of our thoughts, decisions, and beliefs. Michael Sokolove’s, author of “Football is a Sucker’s Game”, argues obdurately about how college football moves to acting immorally in an attempt to gain profits via athletic programs. Comparatively, Malcom Gladwell, author of “The Moral Hazard Myth”, proposes a shameless critique of the health system in the United States, and essentially explains how this system relies on a premise of economic illusion. Although both authors discuss different topics,
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By providing a scientific explanation of tooth decay, Gladwell appears to his reader’s emotions more effectively than Sokolove by his illustration of details that illicit emotional response. While reading the introduction of “The Moral Hazard Myth”, the reader is likely to experience sorrow, pain, and sadness. Gladwell’s vivid description of the breakdown of the steps to the process of tooth decay is a brilliant start to his essay and an interesting move. As interpreted by the following: “Tooth decay begins, typically, when debris becomes trapped between the along the ridges and in the grooves of the molars. The food rots. It becomes colonized with bacteria” (Gladwell 239). Even though, this tooth decay issue isn’t directly related to Gladwell’s main issue, he uses it as an example to show us how important dental health is, and how people underestimate the importance of teeth. With this vivid nature of the imagery that the writer is evoking, Gladwell draws his readers slowly into the article, and to the main argument. Not to mention, Gladwell also connect with the readers on a personal level. He enables them to feel the pain without actually