Football Is The Most Dangerous Sport Essay

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Football’s Most Dangerous Sport Football’s most dangerous sport among the other sports and it is highly respected game in America, but it can cause concussions and other diseases like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), it have become such a danger in this game that is loved so much across America. Concussion, in football, are a biggest problem especially since the NFL players are getting diseases called CTE. Although, NFL games are extremely important to people and most loved sport in America but the NFL needs to take charge to protect their athletes and stop this rising problem by making a rule against head to head bumps. It is extremely dangerous sport and it can cause very serious problems including depressions, lifelong pain, headaches, disease that lead to death, memory lapses, and CTE.

First, people don’t know how football players suffers during the concussion. “Medical researchers at Boston University recently confirmed that 88 out of 92 former NFL players suffered from CTE” that’s a lot of players to suffer brian damages. But people don’t really pay attention to it and still likes to watch the Sundays Football. In fact, according to the Frontline, Dr. Anna
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Watching the movie "Concussion" over the Christmas holiday, which stars Will Smith as Nigerian doctor Bennet Omalu and his findings on the impact of concussions on NFL players, significantly altered how he thought about his future. “I thought it would

shed some light and help me make a decision on whether I should play football or not," he said. This is really wonderful choice because your life is more important than the all the money that you're going to make. Your life is really important to you and you only live once. Everyone should read his stories because it is a life changing, it can save someone else’s