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Diamond White
ECM 100

TO THE 30, TO THE20, TO THE 10, AND HE’S ALL THE WAY DOWN FOR A TOUCHDOWN. Imagine one of your most memorable moment’s happening while you were doing something you love. Football has always been a passion in my life and sport’s in general has always revolved around my life. I’ve been playing since the 4th grade, started off playing for recreational teams and now playing college football. I think being the person I am I bring a lot of confidence, demeanor, and bring so much life to the table. With it being my first time ever playing for an actually team I didn’t know what to expect, I worked hard to earn a starting position, playing my first every game it was like being all the way at the top of a roller coaster ride, at the highest point. Adrenaline was pumping as fast as a cheetah. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was ready! I was a starting wide receiver and the second string Quarterback, during practice we designed a play that was directly for me and that play got called in the game. Soon as the quarterback snapped the ball I ran straight for the end zone and the Quarterback threw the ball to me just like we practiced it. Soon as the ball touched my hands I dropped it and was utterly disappointed with myself. Tears falling down my face cause I felt like I had let the team down. With us already being down by 7 points my touchdown would have gave us the lead, the coaches had sat me down an told me to realize that every great players drops passes but they get over it and they keep playing .
I got back out on the field and played my heart out but around the end of the third quarter our first string Quarterback got injured so that means I had to play the role of the quarterback for the rest of the game and to get us a win. I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life, a Quarterback is a huge roll because you lead the team. I was doing well for my first time in a real game. We were still down by seven but I had the big play that changed it all, it was a pass play but I was too scared to pass the ball because I thought I would throw an interception so I was looking for someone to pass it to and I ended up running all the way for a touchdown. I was hype forgetting I still had to go for the two point conversion and we ran the same exact play to try to get the 2 points and take the lead, the ball got snapped an I looked and looked for someone to get open when I finally did find an open person I threw it and he didn’t catch it so we were still down and it was too late to come back so we lost by two points but we played hard and played together as a team and that was all that mattered.
As the season progressed we got better as a unit, with a total of 6 games for the season we finished the season with a record of four and two and made it to the playoffs. Knowing nothing could stop us if we kept fighting as a team and playing our positions the right way we could make it to the championship. The first game we played great and just like I knew we would, I made a couple of catches that contributed to our win. So now it was on to the next game. The next game was not as easy as the first one. This team was way more aggressive than we were. It was like putting a Monkey up against a Gorilla and we were the Monkeys. They were demolishing us at everything, they were physical, they flew to the ball, they ran the ball and the wide receivers didn’t miss a catch. We just