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1. They Conspired to Kill Record Stores! (After Napster)
On one hand, it is a bit sad that we don't have to rely on that stereotypical record-store dude because digital music let's us discover new bands without getting out of bed. On the other, there are lots of us who don't mind going out -- even if it does sometime mean putting on clothes -- to go crate digging and buy something on vinyl. So no, we don't like hearing about places going out of business, but we're also happy we can get music in so many different ways.
2. They Kill Us!!!
Back in 2007, a New York State Senator wanted to make it illegal to use an iPod while crossing a city street -- because oblivious people kept walking into the paths of oncoming traffic (granted, the proposed ban also mentioned mobile phones). Admittedly, we zone out all the time when we have our headphones in -- one time we were fired and didn't even know it -- but our iPod didn't take away our ability to LOOK BOTH WAYS.
3. iA.D.D. -- They Killed Albums!
Ever since MP3s became popular and the iPod dominated the world, albums have ceased to be relevant. Apparently a lot of artists didn't get the memo though, because they just keep coming out with these cohesive collections of songs when all we want to hear is one friggin' track and not have to appreciate packaging. Speaking of which, do you think there's a market for our cassingle stash? It's extensive!
4. We'll Never Travel the Same Way Again
Whether it's a simple commute to work or a cross-country ride, we can travel light while choosing from thousands of songs to help us pass the time. If only it could get us away from the sweaty dude on the subway or past TSA without a hand party and we'd be golden (Work on it, Tim Cook).
5. The Downside of Its Small Size
Some employee of a New Orleans hotel has the first iPod we ever bought thanks to the time we were in a rush to catch an early flight and left it on our bed. That never, ever would have happened if we had our whole CD collection with us (or if we hadn't stayed out until 5AM, but you get the point).
6. The Decline of a Well-Hearing Civilization
A Stanford professor's six-year informal study found that his students actually preferred the "sizzle sounds" found in 128 kbps MP3s as opposed to higher-quality song files. On top of that, listening to music via earbuds has been blamed for a rise in hearing loss in teenagers. This could pose a few problems for the iGeneration as we age, at least until Apple comes out with some kickass hearing aid (does that count as a patent?).

7. Our Song Files Are as Portable as Our Vinyl Collection
Or at least it seems that way, when you have anything that's not purchased. Until cloud storage is the norm or Apple changes its iTunes settings, transferring music between computers is going to be a hassle. We know we're whining, but it's a legit gripe.
8. You Break, You Buy Another
OK, we…