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For my internship I agreed on to be with the Indianapolis sheriff’s department. I started my internship back on August 11 2014 and still doing the internship. Sheriffs are used for regulation of affairs outside city limits such as keep up of roads. Instead that been taken over by the highway patrol. Presently, the relationships between sheriffs, city police departments, and state bodies vary widely from state to state and even county to county. In Indianapolis is sort of like this like this but not. The sheriffs, the police, and state police have consulate to one group. The IMPD handles most of the police work while the state handles the highways. The sheriffs handles the civil warrants and the jails in Indianapolis. It is supposed to be like a tri pod with each leg holding the city in one. Well that is what it is supposed to be but in reality it is not. The sheriff’s department does handle lot more than the other two parts of the police force and does it with little or no respect. First off the are paid the lesser of that of the IMPD or the state yet get’s more responsibilities. In my internships I was first station in the jail operations were I first learn how the jail runs. I basically learn that rehabilitation as we know from criminal justice really does not exist in the prison system. The criminals who go there are there for babysitting by the sheriffs. What is more interested that the individuals are very intelligent? One day coming to the jail I brought a can of coke into the operations without knowing what happened if I did. Now I know was to leave my keys and my cell phone since they are not allowed in the jail. The can I got from the vending machine down stairs at the entrance. When I arrived, at the desired post with the deputy nothing was said about the can except by the sergeant deputy who said something to me about the soda can. He explain that the can, can be turn into a weapon, a gun that can shoot two maybe three times at most. He said they use a lighter gun some type of wax some metal or plastic as a projectile and viola a gun is made. With all that ingenuity why they are in prison is the question I ask, the response I got “was that they lack guidance.” Guidance is important in the criminal justice system it is also important in the raising of kids. Statistics shown time in and time out that if both parents are not there to provide the needed guidance it puts the child at a disadvantage. The criminal justice is basically supplying the guidance to the criminal that they lack and rehabilitating in the process. The Christian world view on the subject is that the criminal justice system is to lead those that are misguided back to god. In a senses it is like a Sheppard leading it a missing sheep back to flock. In reality I don’t agree with this view because the victims of the crime don’t really get justice. As an observer I noticed that criminals get three good meals a day, TV, medical, go to church, go to school, work in some cases, and even get to have recreation time. In my own opinion I feel the victims are cheated of the justice they have. If a person robbed someone, even rape why should the criminals get some perks the victim does not. Prime example while working the jail post the TV was shut off because they needed to get medicine to the inmates. It took longer than usual and the inmates got really upset about it. They scream and complain for a hour for the deputy to turn on the TV. After the deputy explain over the loud speaker that continue screaming complaining will result in lockdown and no TV for days then did they calm down. The TV is a right not a privileged yet the inmates felt that the TV was more valuable than important than trying to do good and once get out not do the same thing that got them in jail the first place.
Another location I was with I was job shadowing with the warrant team. The warrant team go out and serve warrants that are