For The Love Of A Daughter By Demi Lovato

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The song I chose for this project is “For the Love of a Daughter” by Demi Lovato. It was written by Demi Lovato and William Beckett. Born on August 20, 199, she is not only singer but a songwriter, musician, actress and an anti-bullying spokesperson. When she was little, she was on Barney&Friends with her co-star Selena Gomez. She has had her own television show on Disney channel called “Sonny with a Chance” and she had the lead role in all three “Camp Rock” films. Demi Lovato has made three albums: Don’t Forget in 2008, Here We Go Again in 2009 and Unbroken in 2011. The reason why I chose this song is because I love how she expresses herself and shows us a side of her that I never thought she had. This song also relates to me in many personal ways involving my family. The theme of this song is manipulation. Demi’s father would take her money that she earned for his addiction and would tell her that he loved her but didn’t. My first connection to this song is a media connection to the movie “Mean Girls.” This movie is all about manipulation just Demis father would do. The main character, Cady, wanted to be just like the three most beautiful popular girls of the school, Regina, Gretchen and Karen. Cady finally realized that being popular was nothing special and that it had manipulated her to do all sorts of crazy things she never thought she would do. My second connection is “The Charmer.” Zach would manipulate his parents by lying to them and they would believe him; in this case Demis father is Zach and Demi would be the parents.
Five words that best represents the song: anger, manipulation, sad, heartless and confused.
Five literary devices:
Protagonist: Demi Lovato
Antagonist: her father since he is the one manipulating her
Point of View: She is referring to herself in the song therefore it is first person
Tone: The tone of this song is anger/sadness. You can hear it in her voice and in her lyrics when she says “Don't you remember I'm your baby girl?
How could you throw me right out of your world?”
Flashback: Demi refers to her past when she says “Four years old with my back to the door”

"For The Love Of A Daughter"

Four years old with my back to the door
All I could hear was the family war
Your selfish hands always expecting more
Am I your child or just a charity ward?

You have a hollowed out heart
But it's heavy