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Violence Prevention

1. While looking through Youth Violence I learned a lot of things I didn’t know. Some basic facts I didn’t know are that 4828 people between ages 10- 24 are victims of homicide each year; this is the second leading cause of death for these ages. A great way to prevent this violence is to have programs and rules against this violence; however, this is not enough. The programs have to be backed the faculty and staff of the schools and need to be enforced. The most shocking was that homicide is the second cause of death for people ages 10-24, I would have said some kind of health factor 2. This video talked all about intimate partner violence, which is any physical, sexual, threats of sexual or physical violence, by a current or former partner. This violence can start as early as ninth grade or as old as 15. A lot of lifelong health problems in mental, physical, sexual and reproductive health can come from intimate partner violence, such as suicidal thoughts, depression, unintended pregnancy, and STI’s. Individual beliefs and behaviors, family history and social norms are all risk factors for intimate partner violence. There are many youth, parent, and couple focused programs to prevent this violence which include DELTA and NISVS. 47% of women who experienced intimate partner violence first saw it between the ages of 18-24. One in three U.S women has experienced intimate partner violence, while one in four U.S men has experienced this. This shows that intimate partner violence also happens in men and is not just a “women’s” issue. The next speaker talks about having a future with violence. Some big steps they did to make it to the future was to have their programs reach out to men and youth, when they were first directed to just women, and also they