Essay on Foraging: Agricultural Societies

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One of the first things humans ever uncovered as a social and economic advancement was the creating of a foraging society in the Paleolithic Age. Soon after, however, came the agricultural societies or urbanized societies. Both society types seem ideal for their time of usage, but saying one is more ideal than the other would have to be justified. The societies have their own advantages and disadvantages making them equally skeptical. A foraging society is most commonly known as a hunting and gathering society. This society was ideally used by nomads of the Paleolithic Age. People of this society would stay temporarily in an area hunting animals as resource of food, housing, and clothing. Along with gathering fruits and or berries for food, stones and sticks were used for things like tools and weaponry. However, in early stages over hunting and picking would leave regions inhabitable for months. The roles of men and women in this society were that men were mostly hunters with few working in weaponry while women served as gathers and somewhat homemakers. Though foraging societies worked on a social scale the economic scale was poor. With no permanent settlement they had no trade or specialized labor. And with little to no socializing with other humans, apart from pack it led them to lack of skills and technique. Later hunting and gathering societies transitioned into agricultural societies. This society consists of the use of planting crops and raising livestock as well