Force and Center Point Essay examples

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Physics Lab: Force Vectors
To apply the laws of vector addition to resolve forces in equilibrium.

1 Force table
1 Metric ruler
1 Protractor

1 Pencil
1 Piece of Paper

1.) Set up the apparatus, making sure the spring scales are properly calibrated at zero when no force is applied. [SEE FIGURE 1]
2.) Attach the spring scales to the force table so that each scale registers a force at approximately mid range.
3.) Place a piece of paper beneath the spring scale arrangement.
4.) Mark points along the line of action of each force.
5.) Remove the paper and use the points you marked to construct three lines (A, B, and C) originating from the center point, P.
6.) Take note of each spring scale reading
7.) Convert grams to Newton and construct vectors of properly scaled length.
8.) Add vector A to vector B, and draw the vector sum of A+B, the resultant. [SEE FIGURE 2]



Data cont’d


Observations & Calculations
1.) On a separate piece of paper, draw the vectors obtained from your experimental procedure. [SEE FIGURE 2]
2.) Calculate the respective velocities and velocity increases. [SEE FIGURE 2]

What is the number scale you chose for your model?
I chose to scale my vectors with one Newton equaling one centimeter.
What is the result of the addition of vectors A and B?
It produced a vector that is in the opposite direction with the same amount