Force and Functional Setting Essay

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There are two major reasons people choose to wear weight belts. The first is to increase performance and the next is to decrease injury. Both of these assumptions, however, are incorrect, and im gonna tell you why.
The first point I would like to make is that using a weight belt to increase the weight one can lift only seems like a good idea. A football player might be able to squat 400 pounds with a weight belt, which would strengthen his legs. However, what happens when that is brought to a functional setting? He may be able to fire off the line with 400lbs of force, but his core has not been conditioned to take that force. This is likely going to result in an injury because he has created a weak link. Even in the weight room injuries are more likely to occur
The International Journal of Sports Medicine posted an article that measured injuries found among competitive weightlifters. They found that the those who use weight belts have an increased injury rate of the lumbar spine. This is because of the shear forces implied on the spine that has no core to protect it

Some people would go so far as to say that the belt even encourages pour technique. And as we all know bad technique fosters injuries
Stuart McGill. Author of Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance & Low Back Disorders says that the belt helps to add weight by stiffening a curved back. However, if the lift is performed properly with a straight back, then the belt has very little effect. So if