Essay about Force and Horizontal Pendulum Support

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Skylar Perry-Cann 8.30.12 Pendulum Experiment Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to establish the relationships between the mass, amplitude, and length of the pendulum itself to see the differences between them.
Procedure: In this lab we built a pendulum using a string, a weight, vertical rod and a horizontal pendulum support bar. We measured three different lengths of the strings to see which length went the fastest using the same mass and amplitude. Then we got three different weights to put at the end of the string, using the same amplitude and the length of the string. Lastly, we used three different amplitudes, but the same mass and the length of the string. Essentially we varied the height of the string, the amplitude at which the height of release was, and the mass which was attached to the end of the string so see the different speeds they go.

The Pendulum Horizontal pendulum support bar ↓ String Vertical rod

Weight Base

Evaluation: Our results we came up with was the shorter the string, the faster the weight made a period. The longer one made the weight go slower because it has more of a distance to travel. The heavier the weight was as well made the periods faster because there is more of a force created and the shorter the amplitude the faster it went.

Data: Length | amplitude | mass | seconds | 9cm | 10cm | 14.65g | 6.81 | 15cm | 10 cm | 14.65g | 8.12 |