Force Multipliers Tactics

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According to Brian Jenkins, the six tactics when it comes to terrorism are: hijacking, arson, bombing (virtually also), kidnapping, assault, and hostage-taking. Terrorism has recently added weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to their weapons. These terrorist tactics can be magnified with the use of force multipliers. Force multipliers strengthens striking power while not amplifying the unit. There are four types of force multipliers and they are: transnational support, religious fanaticism, media coverage, and enhancing weapons or technological facility attacks. Technology enhances a terrorist organization's power to strike. An example of a technological force multipliers are cyberterrorism and WMD. Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon suggests that new force multipliers are always being introduced. Religious fanaticism is an example of this when it comes to the activities of terrorists. With this type of religious force multiplier, comes suicide attacks. The go-to weapon of choice for terrorists are bombs. Philosophy of the bomb was an anarchist term that dates all the way back to 1848. This term is defined by the only way to interact with social order is by destroying it. Over the years, terrorist better their bombs by using improved explosives in them. …show more content…
This two-stage weapon releases fuel into the air and ignites. Once this thermobaric bomb explodes, the person breathing the chemicals released, will explode from the inside out once the bomb ignites. The shock from such a surprise attack like this would send a message of chaos like the terrorists are aiming for. Technology has a big impact on terrorism. There are four types of terrorism that are so powerful that they can change the nature of terrorism forever. These types of terrorism are: cyberterrorism, biological agents, chemical and radiological weapons, and nuclear