Essay about Forcibily Fed And Feminism

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How it feels to be forcibly fed

People surrounding her watching her making sure she doesn’t leave (four men following her)
She was very white and weak, needed help upon a table
Wrapped her up tight in a sheet so she could not move(up to her throat)
Sprayed nostrils with cocaine and disinfectant (can tell its older days)
Wanted to make sure she could swallow
“the doctor hung, a devlish, inhuman menance” which was the IV tube that contained her liquid food. Inside it was milk a red tube with a funnel at the end went through her nose into the passages of her throat
The four men held her down
The liquid was ice cold, and soon after her forehead filled with the same coldness of sweat
She started seeing the room moving
She began to faint
Science deprived us of the right to die –
Would the doctors let the person choke on the liquid food, or help them and stop the liquid?
“isn’t there any other way of typing a person up? That thing is like—“
“yes I know” gently said the doctor

feminist manifesto

woman is the equal of man but she isn’t.. a man who has to live his life confined to a code isn’t a man hes un masculine woman who adapt to the customs and stereotypes of a women aren’t feminine don’t depend on a man to tell you what you can and cannot do, you have to leave it up to yourself to start something new and figure out who you are.
Pretty much the success of a woman is because of the man
A woman can get anything from a man with nothing in return but her virginity (so sexual pleasure when he wants it) she can get any luxious item without having to work or giving the man children
A woman who doesn’t take up that offer isn’t allowed to have children

Iron jawed angels:
Part one- women tried to take an act on making women able to vote. 9 states weren’t enough. They needed more states
Constitutional amendment gives women the right to vote
Female mind is inferior to the male mind
Women would constitue a danger
Reckless movement
(what the men believe) women worked in factories sewing
“we are not just a petition that can be crumpled up and thrown away” preview: a warrior on a horse, beautiful and intelligent democratic senators wife was going against the men and helping the women stand up all woman were under arrest for what charge?
Asked for justice and equality guaranteed forever
Whats it like to be free
Force feeding scene:
A man stood tall yelling like a soilder “eyes front”
Alice pushed the food away and they all began a hunger strike
Sang :I was standing by my window on a cold and cloudy day when I saw that hurds come rolling for to carry my mother away. Will the circle be unbroken by and by lord by and by theres a better home awaiting in the skky lord in the sky.…