Ford Motor Company Portfolio Management Plan Essay

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Ford Motor Company Portfolio Management Plan
PROJ587 Advanced Program Management
Professor Janet Durgin
Prepared by Jennifer Mitchell
February 23, 2013

Table of Contents

Introduction 3 Strategic Plan 3 Strategic Capacity Plan 4 Portfolio Management Process 5 Portfolio Management Process Flow Chart 7 Project Selection 7 Program Management Plan 8 TGW Trend Chart 9 Area/Sources of Conflict 10 Change Management Plan 10 Resource Utilization Plan 12 References 13

Ford Motor Company is considered a global automotive industry leader. Ford was able to reinvent themselves to be able to stay ahead of the economic downturns. Ford has continually improved their overall profit and recently started paying
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These processes are the following: 1.) Identification 2.) Categorization 3.) Evaluation 4.) Selection 5.) Prioritization 6.) Portfolio balancing 7.) Authorization
Identification is process of managing any new and ongoing components that will need to be categorized for additional decision making. The process of put the previously recognized components into groups is categorization. Evaluation is when all pertinent or necessary information is put together so that the components can be put into the selection process. Selection is where these components are then narrowed down to a list of components that are ready to be prioritized based on the evaluation process and the selection criteria used in the previous steps. After selection comes prioritization which is the selected components that are put into a ranking based on evaluation and criteria that is decided by management, so the criteria could be different for every company. The next step in the portfolio management process is portfolio balancing. Portfolio balancing is when all of the selected components are put together in a way that has the best potential while also supporting that organization’s strategic goals. Balancing the portfolios makes the organization better equipped to allocate resources accurately. The last step is authorization. Authorization is when the selected components are approved, funded, and