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Chapter 31 – The Age of Limits * Evaluate the presidency of Richard Nixon, his policies and the events resulting in his resignation * How did the energy crisis of the 1970s impact the economic, social, and political landscape of the United States? * What do you think are the most significant events during the carter presidency? The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 created safety standards the passage of the clean air and clean water acts in 1970 set standards for environmental in 1973, OPEC was formed creating an oil monopoly in the middle east * The opec began an oil embargo against the US for American support of Israel * This demonstrated American dependence on foreign oil * Gasoline prices rose sharply and an energy crisis began
In 1979 an accident at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power plant resulted in a potential nuclear meltdown * In the 1970s, this incident represented the concern and ongoing debate over the role of atomic energy
1972 – Nixon went to china and established diplomatic relations
1975 North Vietnam broke the peace agreement and south Vietnam fell to communist * Made the Vietnam war pointless * In response to the Vietnam war, the war powers act of 1973 sought to limit the power of the President to use military power
1973 – Roe v. Wade established the right of a woman to have an abortion * Supreme court ruled to terminate the pregnancy.
Due to the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon