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My original forehead tattoo was “keep going never give up”, but I have come to realize it is not as important as my new tattoo I would like. My mantra to keep going and never give up is my determination but that is one thing I don’t need tattooed to my forehead because I feel like it is in me I am a determined person by nature, it is who and what I am. But what I am not is someone who forgives easily and does not sweat the small stuff.
For my new tattoo I would like it to be “life”. Why? It has so much more meaning to me for instance regarding the two big things I mentioned are all a part of my life. One, not sweating the small stuff. I freak out about every little thing in my life and get completely over stressed when really it is not a big deal its life, and I just need to take a step back and breath. Sometimes if I could just step back from whatever I am stressing about, breath, and understand that its not as big of a deal that I am making it out to be I would be a much happier person and life would be better. For example I small thing I was stressing last month was not a Halloween costume and I had no money to buy one. I was getting really worked up about it but I mean that’s life. I wasted a few days being completely worked up and stressed out when I could have just taken a step back breathed and realized its not the end of the world, life goes on; and it did, on Halloween day I ended up just saying forget this! I am not going to worry about what I wear, and I didn’t and I ended up having a really fun night, I should have just not sweated the small stuff from the beginning. Another part of life that gets me is I hold grudges. I am someone who does not really forgive easily. That’s life though. You fight, you forgive life goes on. But for me I don’t let life go on and that’s a problem I hold on to the silly little grudge After being away at…