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03.08: Environments for children
Review Questions
1.Explain the different forms of child abuse? Include Shaken Baby Syndrome in your response.
The different forms of child abuse are, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Theres also neglect and Shaken baby syndrome (SBS). Physical abuse is when there is violence towards the child or even the other parent, this is when the victim is punch, kicked, shoved..etc. Anything that can hurt the victim from things like bruises to broken bones. Emotional abuse this is when the victim feels like there not good enough because of what the other does, from things like threating, name calling and exploitation. Sexual abuse is when the victim is exposed to any kind of sexual activity, from things like sexual talk to porn and inappropriate touchin to coerced intercourse. Neglect is basically when the parents stop caring and tending to their child. Stop their responsiblitys as a parent to care for the childs needs, like physical, emotional educational needs. Also failing to feed, clean or even clothe the child. Shaken baby syndrome, is when the child is violently shaken at a young age to the point were is causes the child do have broken bones, internal organ injuries and severe brain damage. The injuries are internal so you wouldn't know the child is hurt until they are killed or have to be put in a hospital. The injuries are permeant so it could leave the child with mental disabilities.
2.What types of physical care must a parent provide an infant child?
They types of physical care must a parent provide an infant child is bathing the child, change their diapers, fed them and even dress them because the infant cant communicate so the parent needs to fullfil the needs and wants on the infant.
3.What are some strategies for helping a child cope with stress?
Some strategies for helping a child cope with stress , is that you commicate with the child and listen to them to see what they are stressing about. Avoid putting the in stressful situations. Also have the house be a free of hostility and violence so the child isnt stress about coming home. Lastly dont take your own frustrations on your child.
Critical Thinking Questions
1.What is the difference between a protective environment and a nurturing environment? A protective enviroment is exactly how it sounds keeping your child safe and protected from violence and abuse. Where in a nurturing environment you keep your child safe from violence ans abuse but as the parent you are suppose to actively be able to keep up with your childs physical and emotional needs.
2.How do children’s needs change as they grow through development stages from infancy to teen years? How do special needs children differ?
Childrens needs change as they grow through development stages from infancy to teen years because they become more independent but they still need you there to guide them through life as a child they need you there to teach them how to live through everyday life. As a teen you have guide them a little through life, this is the stage where they need your advice and you keep an eye on them even though they are independent. Special needs children differ because they will not be at the same level as their peers, they will need more basic childs care and will