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Forensic Anthropology | What?
Provide information concerning the identity of a body as well as how and when someone died | Who?
Assists a criminal investigation by analysing human remains, requires 10-15 years of higher education | When?
Collect remains of dead bodies, and examine at the lab | How?
As soon as a crime scene is discovered they are called, they undertake a 8 step process in which must be followed | Where?
In a lab and other places such as court. To provide expert testimonies | Forensic Photography | Produce a permanent visual record from the scene of accidents and crime scenes for use of evidence. Including overview photographs, tire marks, fingerprints etc. | Has to be selected from a crime scene investigator or officer, they must be able to understand health and safety legislation | Needed at the start of the investigation and also at court | Make an accurate photographic record of an event for the benefit of a court case or other legal proceeding | Have to go to the crime scene as well as courts | Forensic Ballistics | The job involves: identifying bullets, gun residue analysis, photographing, analysing evidence, collecting evidence, identifying firearms, firing test rounds | Examine firearms and bullets:
Armoury, tool mark examination, serial number restorations, firearm destruction | To investigate crime scenes, certain specialist | Bullet itself, dent on the bullet, casings of the bullet, other confidential things | Crime scenes, widely used in USA because of gun laws | Forensic DNA | Investigate crime scenes for DNA like blood, saliva, semen, hair, fingerprints and the buccal swap | Forensic scientists | As soon as an investigation starts they come and assist the police | Process begins with a sample of an individual’s DNA | They collect evidence from a crime scene and take it back to forensic labs located at police stations | Forensic Serology | It is the collection, examination and identification of bodily fluids such as blood, semen, faeces and perspiration | Forensic Serologist or other people able to carry it out are Forensic technicians, biologists, etc. | Occurs after the evidence has been collected and only if among