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Forensic Report
Case Number: 2013-12-09-2

Kelsey Williams 2/16/2014
Forensic Scientist
After recording all of the evidence of the room, and its surroundings, my forensic science team collected a sample of the blood stained on to the table, as well as collected a sample of the hex nuts for farther analysis of the hex-nuts on the table. We also got blood samples from the 5 suspects at the crime scene, who had hex nuts in their car.
To determine the blood type found at the scene we used a process called agglutination using Anti-A serum and Anti-b serum to test for a positive or negative agglutination. We also took both the hex-nuts from the crime scene and the hex-nuts we found at the crime scene and did a test called water displacement to figure out if each sample is made of the same material, to get a more accurate result we tested each size hex-nut 3 times using the exact same methods each time.
After the agglutination test you can see what the blood type was found at the crime scene and what the suspects blood type is.
Table 1: Agglutination tests of blood found at crime scene Anti-A serum Anti-B serum Blood Type - - AB
Table 2: Agglutination tests of blood drawn from suspects
Blood source Anti-A serum Anti-B serum Blood Type
Suspect #1 + + A
Suspect #2 - + B
Suspect #3 +