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hannah matthews october 15, 2014 module 3.5 review 1.) The four types of evidence in a criminal investigation would be physical, documentary, demonstrative, testimony.
2.) individual characteristics would be evidence with characteristics that can be traced back to an individual item or person. An example of individual characteristics would be hair because hair can be tested to trace back to a person.
3.) Individual characteristics can be traced back to a single item or person while class characteristics can be associated with a group and not a single source.
4.) Physical properties are those that descibe a subsatnce or object without refering to any other substance ( ex. color, smell ). Chemical properties are those that describe what happens when a sustances reacts with another substance ( ex. heat of combustion, electromotive force ) critical thinking
1.) I think forensic scientist are so careful about what they do when they test something is because if they dont test it right they could get the wrong results back or misdiagnose something and the wrong person gets convicted.
2.) The most useful type of evidence used in an investigation would have to be physical evidence because it can be tested and trust worthy if carfully tested.
3.) I think that forensic scientists continue to look for class characteristics because they can find a correlation in a group and figure out why things are happening based on that correlation.
4.) I think some challenges in collecting and