Forensic Science Technician Research Paper

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In the universe full of criminal minds, there are multiple teams with specific roles working together in order to put the bad guys behind bars for the crimes they have committed, from committing a murder to a robbery! Forensic technicians are hardly given credit for solving a case and are constantly in the dark. Even though they are not being praised for their accomplishments, they continue to follow this career path to serve justice for the victim(s). Few careers, such as this one, have multiple important responsibilities but are paid less than what they truly deserve.
Just like every profession, there are educational requirements and skills one must have to pursue the pathway of a forensic science technician. According to Susan Reese, a bachelor’s degree is needed and must include math, chemistry and biology. Although, in some states one may begin with a two-year program focusing on forensic science or criminal justice and furthering their education by earning a four-year degree. Based on the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and National Careers Service, the main important skills needed in this field of work include observation, writing, and communication. Technicians are constantly writing
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Their main duty is to aid criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing evidence (Forensic Science Technician). Handling the evidence is very crucial to the whole investigation especially if you are not paying close attention to details. Other important responsibilities include sketching crime scenes, cataloging and preserving evidence and taking photographs of the scene and evidence. In the laboratory, the analysts perform chemical, biological and microscopic analyses on the evidence collected (Forensic Science Technician). These procedures are done in order to find the culprits fingerprints to find if the victim overdosed on drugs or was