Forensic Science Vocabulary

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Multiple studies and hours of research have been conducted regarding Forensic Science. At first, books and eBooks were my main source of information. The language of the novels was advanced and often difficult to read. By stopping and looking up the different vocabulary, I was able to broaden my research. New topics arose and lead me to find great articles. Often they were scholarly and sometimes popular sources from magazines and news station broadcast. My researches even lead me to begin watching popular television shows such as CSI: crime scene investigation for information and quotes to back up my thesis. Throughout my research, I came across the American Academy of Forensic Science. Here is where I found my primary sources, an interview with the president of the academy, Dr. Victor Weedn, and YouTube videos explaining the importance of forensic science.
Forensic science is a board topic with many different department and specialist. Finding articles based solely on what I am researching are often difficult
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At first, every article, book or study I read took my research in a new direction. This often made staying focus on finding sources, which would support my thesis tough. After my interview with Dr. Weedn I was able to narrow my scope of interest. Finding sources based on the information he shared with me made my research much easier. Now, I cannot stop finding articles that could help support my thesis. Although finding research is no longer difficult, I wish I had more articles with statistics and field research. One topic I am researching only has one experiment published about it. Finding another experiment done regarding the topic would helpful in verify the information given. Forensic Science is the science of linking evidence and people with criminal activity. Although, Forensic Science is finally out of the