The NIJ Standard 0101.06

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1) The NIJ Standard-0101.06 has minimum performance requirements for ballistic resistance of personal body armor. This protects against gunfire. The NIJ Standard-0115.00 also has minimum performance requirements but for stab resistance of personal body armor. This protects against knife stab threats and slash threats. An officer wearing body armor is still prone to injury. After an officer is shot in the body armor they are taken to an emergency department or trauma center. Minimal body armor types are still prone to blunt trauma. The vest should be evaluated to see if the bullet went all the way through the armor or was stopped by it. The injury under the vest if there is any should be looked at with not only a visual but also a test(s) depending on the location of the impact the type(s) of test(s) vary. Body Armor is most effective when worn correctly.
All body armor types are tested to ensure that it can protect. As technology increases we find better ways and materials to protect against everyday threats in law enforcement. Standards of body armor depend on what that armor protects against. In a correctional facility you will only need knife resistant body armor as inmates can make shanks and attempt to stab an officer. The chance of a correction officer being fired upon is less than likely. OTA has the ability to change a radio’s feature from distance. These have to be physically updated to change a radios feature. Radios differ from portable that the officer’s carry and the car radios. Police radios require OTA maintenance and software updates. Police radios have acquired the ability receive updates to their radio without having to go to a radio store to update it. Radio communications use radio waves at different frequencies grouped in bands that are part of the spectrum. There are a lot of different frequencies. Without transmitters and receivers to send and receive these radio waves, we would not be able to talk to a specific people or person. Encryption of radios is used to secure a line with a unique cryptographic key that is usually changed frequently. This plays a big part in secure and private communication and allows you to share sensitive information. Contraband can be hidden in a persons clothes or baggage or on or in their bodies. Detection technologies need to be able to locate both metallic and nonmetallic items ranging from small baggies to large guns or bombs. Contraband can be in the environment around us as well. A cop can be in some ones house and the homeowner can have guns or knives taped under tables, chairs, couches. Through the wall surveillance can help detect how many people reside in a room or house and can help prevent a situation from occurring.

2) Kevlar brand fiber, developed in 1965, was the first material identified for use in the modern generation of concealable body armor. Body armor is constructed of multiple layers of ballistic fabric or other ballistic resistant materials. The fabric used is usually a nylon or cotton. There are many