Foreshadowing In Hatchet

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“A fish jumped. Not a large fish, but it made a big splash near the beaver, and as if by a signal there were suddenly little splops all over the sides of the lake-along the shore- as fish began jumping and slapping the water. Brian watched them for a time, still in the half daze, still not thinking well. The scenery was very pretty, he thought, and there were new things to look at, but it was all green and blue blur and he used to the gray and black of the city, the sounds of the city. Traffic, people talking, sounds all the time-the hum and whine of the city,”(Paulsen 38 & 39). Gary Paulsen uses different literary techniques to create a very vivid story shown in this quote. In the adventure novel, Hatchet, the author Gary Paulsen uses literary techniques to enhance the story such as fragmented sentences, imagery, and foreshadowing. To begin, Gary Paulsen uses one word or a fragment sentence to help enhance the story and show the importance of the text. In …show more content…
For example, the author will write, “Now the plane lurched slightly to the right and Brian looked at the pilot. He was rubbing his shoulder again and there was the sudden smell of body gas in the plane. Brian turned back to avoid embarrassing the pilot, who was obviously in some discomfort,” (6). In this quotation the author hints at the pilot having a heart attack. Most people know that when having a heart attack a person might grab their arm and are in pain. The author using foreshadowing in this situation will leave the reader on the edge of their seat. Foreshadowing in this situation will make you want to keep reading to see what happens to the pilot. Foreshadowing enhances the story because without it you might not be able to predict or have suspense. Therefore the author uses foreshadowing to help enhance the story and leave the readers on the edge of their