Forever #42 Essay

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Gilberto Gonzalez

Extra Credit

American History

May 14, 2013

Forever #42

Watching the movie was a whole new experience. Me, being born and rise on Mexico, couldn’t until watching the move really realize or seen the fierce hatred that existed on America against black skin people. Seeing Jackie Robinson fighting for the love of what his heart dictated to be his dream, made me realize the impossible things that people can do to achieve their dreams. Also, watching the terrible abuse that black skin people had to tolerate made my blood rage. It was incredible the way that American citizens try to destroy him all the way, it is a really good thing that Robinsons’ will was above them all.

I have to be hones and said that some times during the move I wanted to throw my drink to those blockheaded racist for their stupidity about not seeing the talent on other people and because of the bland brake of the rules to destroy him on all the ways they could. Seeing his transaction from first being just a minor league player playing for the love of it, to then became a professional mayor league player, then in to marry the love of his life, after that change from just a man to a father and finally to become a legend was really exciting. Watching his struggles with in himself, and stopping to defend his rights and his people was even hurtful at times. It was clear how he wanted to do what he believed to be the right thing to do, but didn’t for the sake of the greater picture was one of my favorites parts.

I will never forget the part about the Coach telling