Forgetting Things In My Dream

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This dream happened about a year ago but it’s been in my head ever since because it really left me confused and sort of freaked out. In the dream I woke up in my bed to my teeth falling out. After trying to put them back in I gave up because I was late to school. I got in the car and half way to school I realized I was in my boxers. I told my mom to turn around but she said she was late too for work. I got to school but school was at the plaza mall. I go in and noticed I forgot my phone. I rush out to tell my mom and she was in the same spot but the distance from me to her grew immensely. Every step I would take towards her felt like I was on a treadmill just walking in place. The symbols that were in my dream were: first, my teeth were falling out and that’s supposed to represent a transition in my life and being scared of losing something important. Second, was me being in my underwear in public. Being partially naked in public “reflected [my] vulnerability or feelings of shamefulness.” Third, was forgetting my phone. Forgetting things in your dream represents anxiety and stress. Fourth, was my school being at the mall. The mall is supposed to represent me making a “favorable impression on someone.” And the last symbol, was me trying to get to my mom but couldn’t. I couldn’t find anything on this symbol but I feel like because of any stress I may have been going through at the time, I didn’t have anyone to help me deal with it.