Forgiveneess Essay

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Forgiveness is often associated with a mistake made by someone, we often seek forgiveness after we have made mistakes in our choices, and our actions. But are there any actions that are deemed unforgivable and if so, what are they? We as a society, hold high standards for people to follow, so much so that we have created laws so that, if someone is to do something we consider “immoral” or “unforgivable” they are punished to the fullest extent of the law, and we have these laws in place to keep common citizens safe. However, in a developing country, or a country run by an oppressive government, it is incredibly difficult to follow these laws, allowing many people to stray outside of our societal norms, with rape, drug trafficking, and murder, all being an everyday activity in certain countries. And with those countries being unable to constrain those who go through with these actions, they have begun to have different standards and therefore, aren’t necessarily able to forgive those who commit these crimes, but are far more susceptible to accept these crimes because they are so used to it. Creating a difference in what we believe to be an unforgivable act and what they as a society have come to consider regular life. So what is an unforgivable act, is there really anything that is completely unforgivable? The problem with someone deeming something “unforgivable” is that it becomes a subjective theme, it is incredibly hard to be completely objective when referring to an act that may have harmed many people. This subjectivity also creates another problem with unforgivable acts, if the person preforming this act is someone you are familiar with, your brother/sister, mother/father, or a significant other, do we make special reservations for the people that we love, and with the opposite also being a factor, would we be more likely to find someone who we are not found of, or even foster a hatred for, more likely to perform an act that we deem unforgivable, even though both parties could have committed the same act, are we more likely to favor those who we love, over those that we hate. In the book “A Long Way Gone” we are taken on a journey in which we see an innocent boy, someone who we can identify with, become a murdering, drug dealing, leader of a troop of child soldiers, who, throughout his tirade commits many acts that we in our society, would consider completely unforgivable. This brings with it a moral dilemma, he was captured as a young boy, and was taught nothing but violence and drugs, it was either kill, or be killed…When someone is young and impressionable, it is incredibly easy to persuade them into believing that what many may see as wrong, is the right way, and the only way