Forgiveness: Pope John Paul Ii and Carraway Forgiveness Essay

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Anh-Tuan Thai
ENGL 0300
FORGIVENESS By making comparison, we can figure out many things to compare with forgiveness as the beautiful things without seeing inside the human. The forgiveness is like drawing pictures in the water. The forgiveness is like a mother who kisses away the feeling tears of her child. Someone said that forgiveness is like they love some without liking. Someone else said that when we forgive we overlook as a favorite child's failings. Forgiveness is like when you give the tree some water and they seem looked fresh to make their life started again. Forgiveness is like thought of the baby mind because they could easily forget. Forgiveness is the impotent of love because everyone had to have the forgiveness that could be forgive someone to make a way out when in the trouble.
By using contrast, forgiveness is not forgetting, that just give someone a opportunity make them could change their mind to other ways that make them better in their life. Forgiveness is not making something return to hurtful, not reminding something that make peoples feel upset and disappoint. Forgiveness is not avoidance because we could not forget in our mind, we just hide somewhere in your mind that you don't want to remind. Forgiveness is not unaccepted that the one who has caused the hurt is responsible for their actions, they just left those things behind that they thought that make them happier.. Forgiveness is not something before , it's not like you forgive someone and it’s over. Sometimes, they keep sinning, so you need to keep forgiving. Or sometimes you forgive them, but there are emotional sometime where it feels fresh. Forgiveness is not surrender between two person, It’s not that we are friends and we hang out and everything’s okay or you’re close and it’s back to normal. Not at all. It takes one person to repent and one person to forgive then two peoples to surrender.
By historical result, some thousand years ago, Christ Jesus came into this world to…