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Formal Analysis of Art page 1

Formal Analysis of Art Amanda Bartlett Art/101 Maryann Foster March 29, 2015

Formal Analysis of Art page 2
Vincent Van Gogh’s art has a lot of expression that he puts into his paintings to give the viewer a feeling of awe when they look at the picture. His lines are loose and free to make you feel like they are out of control. But they really aren’t, he does this to give the picture some expression and individuality. By making the lines loose and free it makes the world that we may see so much more different. With this picture this is how he saw this village while he was alive and painted it. Sol Lewitt’s wall drawing No. 681 his lines are a bit more in control unlike Van Gogh’s lines. Lewitt's lines seem to be well placed like he mathematically decided how he wanted to place the lines on his drawing. They are precise and controlled unlike Van Gogh’s, the lines set these two art pieces apart not just by who the artist is but how the artist decided to use the lines to express what he was trying to get across to the viewer. Lewitt’s art seems more thought out and planned with how the lines were going to be placed.
Les Meninas by Diego Velazquez is a drawing of the royal family that he must have been close to or close enough to be able to capture some great details of the family that many others may have not seen before. In this work of art you can tell that he is putting the majority of his focus on the little one in the middle that everyone seems to be tending to. Also the artist depicts the parents I believe in the middle that everyone seems to be tending to. Also the artist depicts the parents I believe in the portrait that is in the background. There is so much detail with the individuals in the painting that it makes you feel like you are right there watching him create the work of art. In this painting it also makes it look like another painting is also being painted at the same time by the gentlemen that is wearing the black outfit with the red looking cross on it. All of the qualities that were used to create this painting all work together to give a flow that allow the viewer to see everything with detail in