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Formal Business Reports

A formal business report includes standard parts that readers find valuable in helping them understand and interpret the report. A formal report generally contains an explanation of the reason for the report, presentation of data, explanation of the meaning of the data, and conclusions and/or recommendations.
Typical report parts used in a formal business report include:
• Title page
• Table of contents
• Summary
• Body
• References
• Appendices

Title Page
The title page contains the report title, the writer’s name, the name of the organization, and the report date. In addition to the writer’s name, the writer’s title and the company address may be appropriate.

Table of Contents
The table of contents presents an overview of the material covered in the report by listing the report headings and their corresponding page numbers. Writers prepare the final copy of the table of contents after the entire report has been completed. This procedure permits titles and page numbers to be verified, particularly if and last-minute changes were made in the report.

The summary is a brief description that gives the reader an overview of the report. In the business office, you may hear the summary called by a variety of names, including executive summary or abstract. An executive summary highlights the report’s findings, conclusion, and recommendations. And abstract, however, is shorter and simply states the report’s contents.

The body is the next text or message of the report. Basically, the