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Anthony Wagner
Professor Bradley
English 1301-B04
November 5, 2014
Formal Outline
Thesis: Although not all professional bodybuilders use human growth hormones or anabolic steroids, the big-time and well known athletes that compete in “Mr. Olympia”, the super bowl of bodybuilding, do and have confessed their use of the performance enhancing drugs; this not only has an effect on their body but the use of the drugs is continuous even though they are supposed to be illegal in the International Federation of Body Builders, which is the league that these professional athletes compete in.
I. The IFBB is a national federation of a select number of Bodybuilders who participate in the sport, however to become a “Pro” and compete in the Mr. Olympia, in order to keep up with the competition, massive amounts of HGH and anabolic steroids are almost required or its pointless for one to compete at that level.
A. The IFBB has tried to solve this problem by drug testing, but now they just let the athlete know beforehand about when the test will be done so the athlete can get it out of his or her system for a short period of time prior to the test.
B. This problem is creating problems with many athletes who have died in their late 30’s due to heart disease, liver failure, kidney failure, and more health problems. Although looks can be deceiving, the more drugs these athletes put in their systems, the better their physical appearance looks for a short span of their life and the worse their internal organs get that they actually need for the rest of their lives.
II. Although the IFBB does drug test the athletes, they give them a big notice for when a specific athlete will be tested, so none of them get caught.
A. The IFBB shouldn’t allow any type of performance enhancing drugs at all.
B. Random drug testing
C. Consequences
III. Athletes who undergo the use of all these drugs will have serious problems later in their life.
A. Athletes who are tested positive for any type of performance enhancing drug should immediately be banned from the IFBB and have their pro card be taken away for a period of time.
1. By taking away their sponsors and their pro card they will be suffering serious consequence and learn from their actions.
2. If they lose their main job they will see that it is ultimately not worth it just to be big and be in trouble.
B. Random drug tests will keep the athletes off them because they will not want to get caught with the drugs in their system in fear of losing all their supporters.
1. Right now the IFBB notifies the athlete before each test.
2. By doing random drug testing, each athlete will need to stay clean in order to continue on their journey to win the ultimate title, Mr. Olympia.
C. It is ultimately the IFBB’s job to insure that there is no drug use in their federation. However, they do a very poor job, when everyone including themselves know that