The Progress Of Annie's Dance Compplex Vitra

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2015 Quarterly Report (Fall)

Prepared by Sarah-Ann Blount
Owner of Annie’s Dance Complex Ventura

Report Distributed December 1, 2015

Prepared for
Public Relations Team
Bishop Inc.
Table of Contents


This quarterly report examines the progress of Annie’s Dance Complex located in Ventura, California. The facility was built in late 2014 and completed in June of 2015, it had its grand opening August 15, 2015 and instruction began August 24, 2015. Instructors are now preparing for upcoming seasons in many sports. With this being an indoor facility many of the sports that are offered compete in the winter season.


Annie’s Dance Complex (ADC) has been run successfully for seven years in Seattle, Washington. After seven year we have decided to expand our services to a new additional location in Ventura, California. ADC strives to provide a fun learning and teaching environment to student of all ages.

ADC was built to let children have a good time while learning the discipline of different sports. The owner of ADC has the following objectives:
Have a safe fun filled environment for kids to learn in grow in a sport that they are comfortable with.
Every student has a place at ADC, no student left behind.
Communication between, children, teachers, parents, staff and management are always open.
This report reviews the progress that ADC located in Ventura, California has made in its first three months of being open. The report was made to provide Bishop Inc. information on how the facility is up and running.

This reports recognizes the hard work and dedication that the staff at ADC Ventura have put in to make this location a success. We want to show our appreciation for Bishop Inc.’s sustenance and charities they have put into our facility.


This report is an overview of the activities that are ran at ADC Ventura. The purpose of this report is to inform Bishop Inc. of all projects and activity that is associated with ADC Ventura.

Parents, instructors and staff that are at the ADC Ventura location provided information about classes and the overall environment of the facility.

Days at ADC are very fast. Kids and parents come in and out the doors from twelve p.m. until closing at ten. The staff and instructors prepare themselves at the beginning of the week. We have mandatory lesson plans to be filled out at the beginning of the week to ensure that every kid is getting a quality education in the sport that they chose to participate in. The staff members work together to ensure that programs are run smoothly and classes don’t get conflicted.

During the initial week after opening many people were still getting adjusted to the new facility. Instructors were apprehensive to get comfortable with the space as well as students. Many students were afraid of the new facility because everything was new and they didn’t want to damage anything. We had to reassure them that they could do what their mind desires in the facility.

The overall success of ADC during its first quarter of being open is tremendous. Students are learning at a fast pace and are ready for their competition seasons.

Based on these conclusions, in the future there needs to be more advertising of the facility. We can offer out service for up to 1,000 athletes and in our first quarter we only have about 450. If the programs keep striving as they have been for the first few months that it had been open then we will reach our goal of 1,000 students in no time.


This quarterly report analyzes the activity that has been going on at ADC. We will go through information provide to us by ADC records.

The ADC offers class to children from age eighteen months to eighteen years old. There are seven sports