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Private schools should reserve and fund 10% of their places for students from low socio-economic areas

Statement of intent: With this formal writing text I hope to point out a few reasons why private schools should reserve and fund 10% of their places for students from low socioeconomic areas. Hopefully this text is persuasive to the reader(s) and forces them to agree with the points I am making.

In many countries around the world, students and parents believe that private schools should reserve 10% of their places for students from lower socio-economic environments and should fund their schooling; this could include educational or sporting scholarships. Many believe that this would enhance the lives of the students involved as they will be educating themselves on how “the other half” live. Some also believe that by giving less fortunate students a chance to better themselves in a private school will lower the amount of people living off the benefit by having a higher number of educated learners and creates more opportunities for these students. This would raise the economy for the country and allow the government to provide more for their country.

Having different cultures immersed into the daily lives of students from regular private schools would create a range of diverse and culturally aware students. This would further increase the student’s potential for later life by forcing themselves to integrate into an environment or culture they are not used to. By doing this the students will learn to appreciate the world around them and learn how to deal with certain groups of people. This will vastly increase the learning potential and help greatly with jobs in the future. Almost all business ventures or deals will involve multi-cultural interaction. If from a young age students are taught to handle multi-cultural situations, their almost inevitable future interactions will be natural to the students. An example of such a situation is in business communications, a businessman has to be aware of businesses that have different customs to that of their own. “This includes basic customs, mannerisms and gestures. For example, If a salesperson approaches a meeting with knowledge of a customer’s cultural background, then his words, body language and actions can all be adapted to better suit those of the customers. This in turn may lead to being better liked by the customer, ultimately increasing the salesperson's opportunity to close the deal.” (

Integrating students from low socioeconomic areas in private school environments would also theoretically lower the amount of the people living off the benefit from the government. The unemployment rating in New Zealand as of May 2013 is 6.2%. This is 3.2% higher than the nation's lowest rating. ( Sponsoring the education of students from lower socioeconomic areas will lower percentage of students attending much lower decile schools, creating better job