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A Formalist Interpretation of Windows by Bernice Morgan Conflict: * Character vs. Character (Leah vs. Ruth) – she feels unwanted by Ruth; unwelcome in her home. She has little respect for Ruth’s lifestyle which is filled with second-hand drama, meaningless shopping – little overall purpose. * Character vs. Self (Leah = old and tired, misses Estonia, misses husband) Protagonist - Leah * Changes throughout story * At the story’s start, she feels at peace, even grateful for the notion of death * When the window breaks at climax, she becomes motivated, has a renewed sense of hope and vigor for life * She is a definitely dynamic character Antagonist – Ruth * Makes little effort to interact with Leah * …show more content…
Any of these subjects may be expressed in terms of theme. Protagonist
This can be debated. I would argue the easiest to prove is the character of Varma – Rakesh’s father. Varma changes throughout the story – indicating that he is a dynamic character. The love and appreciation he feels towards his son Rakesh diminishes as the story progresses, and eventually gives way to bitterness and resentment for his son and his actions. Antagonist
With Varma as the protagonist, the antagonist would be Rakesh as his actions are static – he remains ever the devoted son. Plot Structure
Introduction – We are introduced to the protagonist and the antagonist – Rakesh and his father – and their loving relationship is revealed, especially the devotion Rakesh continuously shows towards his father Rising action – Rakesh’s life develops – his education, he marries according to cultural tradition, he returns to his home and practices medicine in his community, after the death of his wife, Varma slowly deteriorates and becomes more and more ornery. Climax – When Varma smashes the new bottle of medical tonic from Rakesh’s hands and expresses that he refuses to take any more tonics/medications Falling action – Very little falling action; the hubbub around Varma as a result of the spilt tonic
Resolution – Varma is finally able to be released from the trappings of life and pass on, as he wished. Symbols
Rakesh’s medical practice – could be