Forsaken Original Womanhood Narrative Report

Words: 290
Pages: 2

Sarah (daughter): About half!

Sarah (mother): No… about half of ¼, that’s about the same amount that talk to their children about Christ or social and political conditions facing today’s Black families. To tell you the truth Sarah, we have lost our way as Black women long time ago. Striving to fit into a society that doesn’t it us, we have forsaken original womanhood!

Sarah (daughter): What was our original womanhood like?

Sarah (mother): Our maker, our husbands, our families ourselves, and our community people In that order. When we don’t honor our maker and do not wish to have a husband or we don’t honor the one we have; our family, self and community suffer in many ways.

Sarah (daughter): Why do you still honor daddy, and he is in jail?