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ATSN-CBZ-IR 4 October 2012

MEMORANDUM FOR Students Attending Training at the Incident Response Training Department (IRTD)

SUBJECT: Welcome Letter

1. Welcome to the IRTD located at the Lieutenant Terry Facility. You are about to take part in a fast paced program of instruction that will qualify you to perform some of the essential duties needed as a member of a specialized CBRN team or unit. You will be provided instruction on hazards associated with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials. Depending on the course, you will certify HAZMAT Awareness, HAZMAT Operations, HAZMAT Technician or Incident Command Level IAW 29 CFR 1910.146. IRTD courses are designed to provide instruction to Active Army and Reserve Component, National Guard, USMC, USN, USAF, USCG, DA or contract civilians, and selected foreign military personnel whose duties require close contact with surety or hazardous material. All students regardless of grade are carried in a student status and should arrive physically fit and prepared to study.

2. Students may fly to the Waynesville Regional/Fort Leonard Wood Airport (city code TBN), St. Louis Regional Airport (city code STL - a 2.5 hour drive from FLW) or Springfield/Branson Regional Airport (city code SGF - a 1.5 hour drive from FLW). Rental cars are readily available at all airports.

3. Prior to arrival contact Intercontinental Housing Group (IHG) Office to reserve on post lodging if available. The phone number for IHG is (573) 596-0999 or toll free (800) 677-8356. IHG Office is located in the Soldier Service Center, Building 470, West 4th Street and Constitution Avenue (see enclosed map). When you arrive at FT Leonard Wood, all students will report to building 470 in order to check into billeting. Do not obtain off post lodging. If post lodging is unavailable, the G3 Registrar will block rooms at government contracted hotels for the duration of your class. All off-post student room requirements will be handled by the G3 Registrar Office.

4. On the start day of the course, all students will report to Building #2130 at 0730 for in-processing. Duty uniform is ACU or service equivalent. We are located on the corner of 2nd and Army just past the 43rd Initial Entry Reception Battalion. Transportation to and from training is not provided. Students driving POVs or rental cars must have current car registration, current insurance card (or rental car agreement) and drivers license. Bring the following items for inprocessing:

 10 copies of 1610 and orders if on TDY en-route
 Permanent or temporary profile
 201 File (TDY en-route only)
 Optical inserts and/or contacts

5. Personnel will complete a medical screening during in-processing on the start date of the course. No individual will be allowed to enroll into an IRTD course that is not able to meet the physical requirements of the course, i.e. possessing a temporary profile that limits standing, lifting or requires movement with crutches. Students must be physically able to wear SCBA and be able to lift 55 pounds.

6. All students who will be attending the Technical Escort Course must be DOD, IFSAC or Proboard HAZMAT Technican certified prior to arrival and must present their certificates during inprocessing. This is a new prerequisite for the Technical Escort Course.

7. All students who will be attending the CBRN Responders Course must be DOD, IFSAC or Proboard HAZMAT Awareness certified prior to arrival. CBRN-R students must present certificates with legible certificate seal numbers during in-processing. The HAZMAT Awareness training can be accessed at: NOTE: If any issues with logging onto the above website contact the help desk at (210) 652-3274, DSN 487-32741.

8. Several written and performance-oriented examinations are incorporated into each course.