Fossil's Unusual Size And Location Offer Clues In Evolution Of Mammals

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Anna Kidd
Nov. 7th 2014
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Fossil’s Unusual Size and Location Offer Clues in Evolution of Mammals From the New York times I read about how there was a new discovery or new report on a groundhog­like mammal that was located in Madagascar. Four years ago a paleontologist found a skull of a mammal that seemed to be as old as the dinosaur fossils that have been discovered, about 66­70 million years ago. It was announced by a Long Island
Paleontologist that the skull belonged to a new species completely called the Vintana Sertichi.
The size of the animal surprised the scientists because it was almost twice as large as the other mammals of the time, and 20 pounds total. The little evidence of its species as a whole displays how it was not successful at surviving the mass extinction and the climate change.
The bone gave a lot of previously unknown evidence and so it really was groundbreaking. The mammal was traced to species that have lived through the extinction and was related to them.
I read this article because we just were learning about the mass extinctions and even watched a video about how some smaller mammals survived the change that killed the dinosaurs. I also thought it was interesting because the one skull was able to give proof to entire new species and also was able to connect to other fossils previously found. The size was also very compelling because it displayed how the very small rodents were not the only ones to survive